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Soldier Settlement Commission
Following the end of the 2nd World War in 1945 Rehabilitation Training Schemes were put into place to assist returned servicemen return to civilian life. One of these was to establish men on viable farms under the administration of The Soldier Settlement Commission. Several larger properties were acquired in the local district in 1948-49.

The criteria for obtaining such a block was based on a points system – war service (overseas service earned extra points) farming experience, marital status and age.

Lack of finance was not a bar to selection but to have financial stability or some assets was certainly a help.

The local projects are listed with the names of the original settlers – “Reidsdale” situated on the Ovens Highway with a frontage to the Ovens River four blocks:-

  • Block 1 The homestead – Don & Alice Treloggan
  • Block 2 Robert & Amy Iskov
  • Block 3 Tom & Fran Adams
  • Block 4 Robert & Mary Newth
A separate farm at East Wangaratta called “Wettern’s” went to Alec & Mary Broster. This was linked to Reidsdale for administration and one paddock of 100 acre plus was annexed and added to the Reidsdale homestead block. These blocks varied in size from 210 to about 320 acres and were for dairying or mixed farming.

The Treloggens quit their block after several years and it was relocated to Don & Val Simmons. Sadly “Tom Adams” on block 3 was killed in a car smash and his wife and family ran the farm for several years.

There were three blocks on the “Carraragarmungee Estate” astride the Carraragarmungee Road leading from Tarrawingee North to the Hume Highway. These were wheat and sheep blocks varying in size from 490 to 600 acres. The settlers here were:-
  • Hugh Anderson
  • Mick Canning
  • Keith Johnson
A further group of four settlers were allocated blocks on the “Three Chain Road” that leads to Corowa. These were larger blocks up 900 acres for wheat and sheep some of the land being flat and swampy. The names of these settlers were:-
  • Bert Webster
  • Jack Hourigan
  • Frank Boland
  • Tudor Allen
Another settlement was on the Yarrawonga Road based mainly on the Waldara Estate these were dairy farms of probably 200 plus. The names of these settlers were:-
  • Ted Sanders
  • Len Damm
  • Ray Hore
  • Adams
A further three blocks were at Bobinawarrah – these were medium sized blocks for mixed farming. The settlers here were:-
  • Doug Gibb
  • Sperry Bobsworth
  • Harry Woodford
Of course a lot of servicemen were able to buy their own individual farms through the Soldier Settlement Commission under the same terms and administration. Not all settlers were successful some lost their blocks fairly early but I believe everyone was given a fair chance. Some were not suited to farming and alcoholism caused the downfall of some.

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Last modified: 02 April 2014